Your Diet and Your Skin

When we think of a new diet, we don’t often think about the effect our food choices will have on our skin. Speaking in general terms, your genes have the most impact on how your skin looks followed closely by your current hormone levels. But you can use food choices to highlight your skin or to keep it dull and even change your skin tone to a degree – usually not in a good way.

Your skin in the largest organ in, or in this case on, your body. Just like your diet affects your heart and your kidneys, you can expect your diet to dramatically affect your skin. The difference is, with your skin, you can actually see the damage or the good things you’re doing every morning when you look in the mirror.

Foods for Healthy Skin
Food is fuel, but it’s also a means to stay in optimum health. Vitamins and minerals ingested through your diet are much more likely to be absorbed and used properly than the vitamin pills you choke down every morning. While taking a capsule of vitamin E might help your skin to be slightly more radiant, you can see a much more dramatic result if you pay attention to the number of antioxidants you eat on a daily basis.

Your skin does an important job – it protects everything in your body from the nasty bits and pieces floating around in the air around us. If germs and dangerous cells can’t get in the body, you stay healthier over all. Think of your skin as a fortress constantly under attack. While free radicals and germs attack the skin, they are leaving bits of damage everywhere they go.

You can get out there and “fix” the walls of your personal fortress by ingesting plenty of antioxidants. These help to patch up the skin with more fighting power and make the skin stronger and healthier as well.

A variety of fruits and vegetables provide the most direct line to the antioxidants you need most. Ingesting a variety of plant foods according to color and texture will give you a naturally balanced diet full of the powerful antioxidants you need most.

In addition to protecting you from dangerous free radicals and germs in the air, your skin also acts as your body’s personal air conditioning. Releasing bit of fluid in the form of sweat helps to cool your down, and the skin is also constantly removing oils and waste from your body. If you’re not getting enough water, the natural cycle of waste removal can be interrupted and oils can be trapped, your skin can lose some of its smooth health and you’ll feel bad overall.

The eight glasses of water you drink per day help not only the inside of your body, but your skin as well. The water helps to keep skin moist and as your body processes the water, it can help to cleanse pores giving you cleaning skin overall bright and healthy appearance.