Turtle or Cowl: New Necklines for 2012

Surprise! Great necklines are back in 2012 and we’re thrilled to see our friends the turtle and the cowl back in action if for no other reason than the fact that we want something different than the scoop or V-neck sweater. We want variety!

The Turtleneck

Tight around the neck, the turtleneck makes an excellent layering piece. In fact, the sweater is designed to be a layer under your other tunics and cardigans. Imagine a brilliant pop of color that close to your face. You can brighten your complexion, add interest to your outfit, and most importantly, stay warm. It doesn’t hurt, however, that the turtleneck also lengthens the neck and makes a terrific background for a fabulous up-do. Think careless hair with tendrils falling around the face to show off that brilliantly encased, long and lean neck. For a bit of added sparkle, you can pair the turtleneck with dangling earrings. The goal is to mimic the long and lean look, so hoops are out for this outfit at least!

The Cowl Neck

For those who like things a bit looser around the neck, the cowl neckline has similar features, but in a much softer way. Cowl necklines showcase the collarbones and neck by leaving them exposed. The big, rounded opening of a sweater with a cowl neckline includes a frame for the most attractive parts of a woman’s body – her neck. The cowl neckline is not to be confused with a scoop neck which also shows off the collar bones. The cowl neckline is a soft fold, usually on a sweater or tunic, and the neckline makes the piece bold enough to truly stand alone with some great boots and jeans. For a bit of flare, you can add a broach, but usually there’s no need for a necklace with a cowl neckline.