Top 10 Types of Sex You Should Be Having

Everyone likes a good romp, but have you tried all of these amazing possibilities?

Sandy Sex. While you don’t actually want sand…everywhere…you can enjoy the hot sun by playing in the sand, sun and water any which way you like. It’s definitely steamy.

Sex in the Bathroom. What better place to get naked than an area complete with steamy showers and firm counters? Get naked, get in the shower and get hot!

Swanky sex. Splurge for the night or even a weekend on a hotel that caters to a bit of romance. Let the swanky interior put you in the mood and you won’t be disappointed.

Role playing. Get intimate with your sweetie by sharing some of your fantasies and embracing some of his. It’s an excellent way to keep monogamy hot.

Play Sex Slaves. Get a bit naughty and invest in some gear to play dirty with. Handcuffs, bondage and perhaps even a whip are all part of the fun.

Famous Sex. Go somewhere famous and then get busy. Hide in the stairwell or spend the night gazing out at an amazing landmark. What a great way to remember your trip!

Play in Public. Pull into the park and start necking…or more. Snuggle in the dark rows of a movie theater or steam up the windows in an abandoned parking lot. It’s all amazing sexy.

Pick a Fight and Really Make Up. Make up sex can be wild sex because it is still emotionally charged. Go into the tryst a little mad and you’ll definitely enjoy the results.

Snuggly Sex. Get naked first thing in the morning and crawl back under the covers. Snuggle up to you guy and see if he wants to roll around in the sheets with you for a little while. It’s almost certain he does.

Yell His Name (And Other Stuff). If you’re normally quiet during sex, get crazy and loud. Yell things out, give him instructions and be bold. He’ll love it and so will you.