Top 10 Summer Swimsuits to Try

Shopping for swimsuits? Try something new that not only flatters your figure, but gives others something to talk about, too – in a great way, of course!

Polka Dots – Innocent, fun and very summery, polka dots are ideal on a bikini or a sexy one-peice. The combination of sweet and sexy always works well.

Stripes – Flirty and bold, wearing stripes can catch his attention and let him know that you’re confident and fun.

All White – Wear the white suit to show that you’re just a wee bit innocent and a lot of confident. The white suit tells others you’re confident and you’re not afraid of a bit of flirting.

Mix and Match – Show off how comfortable you are in your own skin by wearing something that mixes and matches in a non obvious way. Look for pieces that work together, even if they don’t actually match.

The Uber Trendy – Trends can be fun, but if you have too many of them, you’re going to look a bit desperate. Instead, pick a trend you like and just go with it as your main point on the suit.

Floral Prints – Innocent, pretty and quiet, the floral print can be adorable and cute as well. Just be sure you pick a floral that is updated – not one your grandmother would also enjoy.

Sassy Cover-ups – A great cover-up can make the entire suit really sing. Be sure that you get a cover-up that will let you walk down the street after the beach without looking out of place, but also something adorable and fun.

Sexy Suits – If you bought from a lingerie store, we’re probably going to know if you wear it to the beach. Choose cautiously if you’re looking for attention grabbing suits. Often they make it look like you’re trying a bit too hard.

Sporty Suits – A sports suit can send a great message to others – you’re into physical fitness and fun at the same time. Plus you don’t have to worry about your suit falling off if it’s designed for sports.


Accessories – Combine virtually any suit with glamorous accessories and suddenly you’re ready for a posh resort with more than a bit of stylish attitude.