Top 10 Romantic Movies

When you’ve had a bad week and you just want to cuddle up with a bit of romance, where are you going to look? Why not try one of these classics?

The Notebook

A poor boy and a rich girl get together in a hazy, romantic fog of the past. Fifty years later a man reads the story of the romance to the woman he fell in love with so long ago.

From Here to Eternity

When only black and white will do, try out this epic. You may not have seen the movie, but you’ve definitely seen the romantic kiss on the beach as the waves crash over the lovers. Why not give the whole flick a try?


How can you not shed a tear watching Patrick Swayze channel his love through clay and protection? This epic love story may have not impressive special effects, but it’s absolutely endearing.


Need a good cry over the kind of love we all want to share? Turn on Up. This romantic tale follows an elderly man as he works hard to bring conclusion to his own personal love story.

Say Anything

How much do you love John Cusack? How much do you love him in love? This classic is just old enough to be nostalgic, but it’s oh-so-poignant at the same time.

Beauty and the Beast

When only a cartoon will do, warm your heart with the story of Belle and her gentle Beast. Beauty and the Beast is a tale we enjoyed decades ago and we can still enjoy today with our own children.

The Princess Bride

Outside of outstanding one-liners and memorable scenes, The Princess Bride delivers some epic romance with a nice bit of fantasy rolled in for a fairy tale effect.

West Side Story

A version of the classic Romeo and Juliet, the war between rival gangs in New York creates star-crossed lovers bound to be together, but torn apart by families and friends.

Legends of the Fall

Dark romances in the Wild West, Brad Pitt wows us with his woodsy ways – not to mention his flowing blond locks. The love between family and the woman they all seem to love doesn’t hurt either.

Pretty Woman

It’s a story we’ve always loved and will continue to love as long as we can see thigh-high hooker boots and Julia Robert’s dazzling smile. Hooker, refined lady – who cares? It’s love!