Top 10 +1 Myths about Sex

See if you can pick out which of these popular myths, legends and lies are actually true – and which we’re relieved are not! Wild claims and preconceived notions seem to pervade every part of our lives, but primarily the sexier aspects of it. Of course, since so much of our sex lives is private, it’s hard to get real information or even options from others about some of your most burning questions.

WRONG! Men are ready for sex anytime – anywhere. The teenage boy who lives in a man’s mind might be ready to have sex at any moment, but the grown-up man who has bills to pay, a job with stress and too much beer isn’t actually ready to perform on command – although he may wish he was.

WRONG! Men don’t want sex more than women do. Men are interested virtually all of the time, and women simply have different factors weighing into the decision to have sex. We’re more interested at different times of the month and if we’re tired forget about it. That doesn’t mean we don’t want it, we just not want it RIGHT NOW!

RIGHT! Experience makes you a better lover. The more sex you’ve had and the more you pursue some new tricks and turns, the more you’re going to learn about what pleases your partner. Of course you can be great your first time, but experience never hurt anyone.

WRONG! Happy couples are always having awesome sex. The lusty romance of a new relationship burns off after a while and couples who are stressed, busy and working around the schedule of children can be very much in love, very happy together and still not having amazing sex every night – or even every week!

RIGHT! Black men have larger penises. As crazy as it seems, it turns out that black men have penises that average 6.5 to 8 inches in length. White men average about 6 inches and Asians are the smallest with penises averaging 4 to 5.5 inches.

WRONG! Planned sex is bad sex. Sorry – sex is sex – and if you have to schedule it, you’re still very much okay. Imagine the fun of anticipation, knowing that tonight is the night, after all.

WRONG! A man who cheats doesn’t love you. Cheating is more complicated than we might think. A man who cheats may still very much love you, but he probably doesn’t respect you if he slept with someone else after promising you he wouldn’t.

RIGHT! Men have more sex than women. Men seem to be looking for and thinking about sex frequently, but do they actually have more sex than women? Yes, but not much more. It’s even hard to get a real result from a study since men over exaggerate and women under exaggerate.

WRONG! Women don’t like porn. Everyone has different preferences and while movies may say women should be disgusted by porn and in love with candles and rose petals, what is considered a turn on is actually very personalized. Plenty of women love porn – and you may be one of them.

WRONG! Women orgasm through intercourse. It’s possible to orgasm through penetration alone, but the clitoris is the primary female sex organ and it’s outside the vagina. The best, most reliable orgasms come through stimulation of the clitoris – with or without any penetration.

WRONG! Just for the record – if you’re still trying to figure this one out – masturbation does not make you blind. It also won’t make his penis bigger. Even without a growth spurt, masturbation does have some nice, healthy side effects.