The Worst Things to Wear to Work

We all like a relaxed dress code at work, but there are clothing items and accessories that push the limits of what you can wear and respectfully get away with. After all, work is where you want to put your best face forward and that’s hard to do if everyone is staring at your shoes or, worse, your chest.

Skimpy Shirts

Tube tops are adorable and I think we should all own one to wear around on the weekend, but you don’t wear a tube top to work unless it’s under a sweater or a jacket and nobody is the wiser. The same is true for a camisole, skinny strap tank or any shirt that doesn’t offer full shoulder coverage. Consider work like church – your shoulders must be covered at all times – if you can’t take off your sweater, why bother wearing it? Just save it for the weekend! (Apply this rule to low cut shirts as well.)

Tight Bottoms

Style may say that we have to wear skinny pants and boots and that’s fine. But you wear your skinny pants with a long tunic or enough layers that your bottom isn’t exposed to the world in something that would be more appropriate for the gym. If you choose to wear a skirt, a classic pencil skirt can follow your curves, but it should not have to be peeled off of them.

Mega Heels

We love a pretty shoe, and there are so many shoes that are classy and elegant with a high heel. But beware the stacked shoes. While we love them for parties and we love to follow trends when we’re out on the town, wearing heels that would look best dancing on a table to work doesn’t show you’re stylist to your fifty-year-old boss. It shows you moonlight as a go-go dancer and simply forgot to take your shoes off last night!