The Worst Drinks That Will Make You Fat

Enjoy a refreshing drink on a hot summer day? You may not find your favorite drinks so refreshing after learning just how many calories are packed into some of your favorite treats.


What’s easier than a trip through the drive through for a cool smoothie? It’s icy, refreshing and has lots of fruit, right? While it may have some good fruit elements, it is also loaded with sugar and more than a few calories as well. A large smoothie has a total of 470 calories – twice as many as your Lean Cuisine!

Frappaccino with Whipped Cream

Milk is good. Coffee is good. Whip them together with some delicious cream and plenty of sugary coating on top and what do you have? A big cup of refreshing calories! That frozen coffee drink packs in a walloping 560 calories – one quarter of your total daily calorie allotment.

Sweet Tea

The dollar days of summer mean you can grab a large iced tea for about a buck, but does that drive through wonder make the grade calorie wise? The sweetness in the name and the flavor add up to a whopping 290 calories as it turns out – and that’s not going to help your bottom very much, even if it is helping your bottom line.


This tasty drink can make your night more fun in a dozen ways, but that delicious drink is really not much better than a small milkshake. Every time you’re taking a sip of your mojito, you’re sucking down calories. For every mojito you drink out with your friends, you’re consuming another 225 calories – ouch.  Of course just about all alcoholic drinks have calories, but you may do better to switch to a martini or bourbon and diet soda instead.