The Truth about Sleep and Beauty

Bad news, ladies! If you’re not getting enough sleep, it shows on your face. We all know we get some bags under your eyes, but it’s not just the dark circles that give everyone a clue about how well you’ve been sleeping or not. Your whole face can tell the story. Beauty sleep is a very real thing.

A sleep study in Sweden actually studied how attractive people are after getting a full night’s sleep and after only sleeping a few hours. The differences in their appearance and in the measure of attractiveness were remarkable. Not only could the scientists tell just by looking who hadn’t slept well, a large percentage of the people asked in the survey could identify the poor sleepers as well. The tired people weren’t as attractive as the rested ones.

Twenty-three young people stood in front of the camera with the same lighting, no make up and the same expressions and took a picture after eight hours of sleep and after being kept awake for thirty-one hours. Then untrained observers took a look at the pictures. The sleep-deprived people were labeled as being less attractive, less healthy and more tired.

So the bottom line is what you should already know. It’s critical to get the sleep you need every night – at least eight hours, more if you’re younger than twenty-five. Sleep well without lights, noise or distractions if possible and be sure that you’re using proper cleaning and skin care routines as well so that your beauty sleep is working to your best possible advantage while you rest. You should wake up with a healthier, prettier face, and you might as well wake up with healthier, prettier skin as well.