The Trick to Enjoying Frozen Yogurt

It seems like a misnomer – how can you not enjoy eating frozen yogurt? But this summer staple can easily pack in as many calories as a steak and the toppings can load you up with more sugar than a fattening milkshake. So if you’re going to enjoy eating frozen yogurt, be sure you’re eating it responsibly.

Get Toppings First

If you plan on getting fruit or nuts in your yogurt, put them in the cup first. Then, once you have all of your toppings, fill up the rest of your cup with the actual yogurt. That way you’re getting more healthy toppings, and less sugary yogurt.

Choose Big Toppings

If you pile in a bunch of raspberries and banana chunks with your yogurt, your cup is going to look fuller and you’ll be much more satisfied than you would be otherwise. Visual eating is important, after all, and holding a cup heaping with yogurt (piled onto a bunch of large fruits) looks very appealing, after all.

Don’t Fill Up Your Cup

Make it a habit to only fill up your frozen yogurt cup halfway. That way you’re only getting half of the calories you’d be eating otherwise and you’ll feel better for it. If you fill a compelling need to fill up your cup, make wide rings around the sides of the cup and leave the center empty.

Choose One Flavor

When you blend flavors of frozen yogurt, it tastes good, of course, but you feel less satisfied at the end of your serving – as if you didn’t eat enough of any of the single flavors to fill you up. Eating more of a single flavor means you’ll be more satisfied when you put down your spoon at the end of your treat.