The Top 10 Gifts We Want from Santa This Year

Santa Baby! We’ve been good girls this year and we’re ready to reap the rewards! This year for Christmas, wrap me up:

Bigger boobs. It seems like everyone from the mom next door to the teenage celebrities are all going under the knife to boost the bust a few cup sizes. Maybe it’s my turn, too.

Fuzzy socks. Why is it that the instant the weather turns cold we can only find one sock at a time? A few new pairs would clear that mystery up at least.

A personal maid. How nice would it be to never clean a toilet or toaster again? That’s assuming we’ve been cleaning them up to this point.

New boots. We always need new boots. Tall, skinny heel, fabulous. This isn’t news to anyone.

New jeans. Ditto. See our new boots above.

New pretty bras. Ditto again.

A new favorite TV series. Is it me or are the shows seeming a bit more recycled this year. I’m ready for something totally new and fun. Maybe less reality and more fiction would be nice.

A ball gown and a date to wear it with. Playing princess is always a blast, and this is our year to experience royalty. Find us a flattering, beautiful ball gown and then find us a flattering, beautiful prince to go along with it!

Unconditional love. We all need to be loved and it’s important to have someone out there who loves us regardless. Bring me a puppy, a husband, a baby or just a phone call from Mom. In return, we promise we’ll touch base with the people we love, too.

World peace. Why does it seem like we’re always on the verge of starting another war? Maybe it’s time we just took our toys and went home to play in our little sandbox again.