The Secrets of Shapewear and Undergarments

We may be centuries removed from petticoats, bustles and corsets, but many of us still struggle with the correct sequence and arrangement of undergarments. The chief culprit of this particular drama? Shapewear.

Picture it – you’re getting ready to go out on the town. You pull on your panties. You pull on your pantyhose. Then you pull on your shapewear to smooth everything out. That’s a lot of pulling on and you haven’t even gotten to your skirt or dress yet! Is this really necessary to create a great shape?

If thinking of getting dressed in all of those layers isn’t enough to make you sweat in the summer heat, just think about what has to happen when you need to potty. Now all three of those layers all come off again – good luck getting everything positioned back correctly after your trip to the ladies room. Is there, perhaps, a step you can skip somewhere in this dressing ritual?

There actually is.

Skip the panty. When you’re putting on shapewear, check to see if there is a cotton crotch in the item you’re wearing. If there is, it is designed to be worn without any other undergarments. This is often true for pantyhose as well – which is why they are actually called panty hose – hosiery attached to a panty.

So the correct order of things is to pull on your pantyhose (if you’re wearing them) and then pull on the shapewear to smooth things out. Of course, if you’re still feeling a bit Victorian in your layers you can simplify things just a wee bit more by eliminating the pantyhose. Just pull on thigh-high stockings. Tuck the tops under the shapewear to hold them in place and you’re good to go!