The Best Celebrity Brothers

Who doesn’t love a handsome man? In fact, who could stand to be in the presence of two celebrity brothers who are downright adorable? We could! And here are a few of our very favorite celebrity brothers!

The Franco Brothers

James Franco is an A-list celebrity famous for his work in Spiderman and plenty of other films, but he’s not the only talented actor in his family. His little brother Dave Franco is moving up through the ranks of stardom and was recently spotted in 21 Jump Street and is working on another film with big names like Woody Harrelson.

The Hemsworth Brothers

Christ Hemsworth is Thor. And his brother Liam Hemsworth is Gale in Hunger Games. Do we need to say more? Both are super tall, both are super attractive, and both are absolutely yummy to watch on screen. We’re very much looking forward to the Avengers and Catching Fire to enjoy watching these brothers even more.

The Jonas Brothers

Ask any young teenage girl and she’ll tell you just how adorable these brothers are. Three brothers who are talented singers, musicians and with some acting chops as well makes us wonder just how these boys will grow up. They look great now, and they’ll probably look even better as they get older.

The Wahlberg Brothers

It’s almost essential to drool just a bit watching Mark Walhberg in films like Date Night and the Fighter. He’s a talented guy! But Marky Mark isn’t the only musician turned actor in his family. His brother Donnie Wahlberg was famous first for his work in New Kids on the Block and now we’re realizing just how much we still love him in Blue Bloods. These guys are certainly not pretty boys – they are definitely handsome men.