Skincare in your 40s

Your forties are the time when you need to focus most on your skincare. At this age you’ve likely seen the youthful glow fade from your skin and the sun damage you’ve inflicted on your skin is starting to appear in lines, wrinkles and even the dreaded sun spots. It’s time now – in your forties – to work dramatic changes on your skin. Get serious about prevent future damage and correcting the mistakes of your past.

Basic Skincare

If you don’t already have a skincare regime, this is the time to institute one with the best products you can afford on the market. There is a difference in the level of skincare products, especially moisturizers and if you have a special skincare concern developing such as dry or oily skin, having the right balance of cleaner will help you protect and purify your skin every day as well. Your basic skincare should include make-up removers, cleanser, exfoliation, toner and then a moisturizer for day and another for night.

Treat the Skin You Have and Want to Have

When it comes to moisturizers and other skin care items, you need to take into account the skin you have now. Skin changes over time, just like the rest of your body, and if you’ve had dry skin up to this point, you might be surprised to notice that you’re seeing some oily spots you’ve never seen before.

The same is true in reverse for those who’ve fought oily skin for years, but now have dry areas that need more moisture. This combination skin is common for women as they age, and you simply need to find the right combination of moisture and cleansers that won’t strip away too much moisture or make your skin greasy. Get started on a new routine by consulting a dermatologist or at the very least a skincare expert at a local salon or spa.