Skin Cancer on the Rise for Young Women

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic have shown something that most of us suspected was coming. Skin cancer rates for younger women between the ages of 21 and 39 are on the rise – dramatically so. The incidents of melanoma, or the deadliest kinds of skin cancer increased eight times over for women in their twenties and thirties. For men, it increased four times over since 1970.

When you stop to think that the 1970s had men and women dousing themselves in baby oil and frying in the sun compared to our careful sunscreen applications today – what could possibly be causing an eight-fold increase the amount of skin cancer?

Wait for it….

Tanning beds.

According to Dr. Jerry Brewer, a Mayo Clinic dermatologist, “A recent study reported that people who use indoor tanning beds frequently are 74 percent more likely to develop melanoma, and we know young women are more likely to use them than young men.” He continued by explaining that even young people who know the risks of tanning and tanning beds continue to use them.

Family history and a history of unusual moles are also considered risk factors for melanoma or any type of skin cancer.

What should you do to protect yourself? Stop tanning! If you absolutely must have beautiful, bronzed skin, invest in a great spray tanning product. Spray tans are just a type of make-up applied to the body that lasts for a week or two. There is no adverse affect and certainly no increased chances of skin cancer from the product.
It would be best, however, to embrace the skin color you were born with and enjoy your pale or light colored skin without damaging it with tanning. Pampered and protected skin also looks younger as you age, of course.