Six Reasons to Work Out (Other Than Weight Loss)

Sure working out can help you lose weight, but that’s certainly not the only reason you should exercise. Real exercise is about far more than losing a few pounds. In fact, it’s really about the following:

Exercise exercises your heart. With heart disease and heart attacks as a common female affliction it makes sense we should all be exercising to work that all-important muscle. Exercising regularly makes your heart work harder, which makes it stronger and healthier.

Exercise makes you a better worker. If you exercise you’ll be more productive at work. Finish faster, get more exercise, get even better and get a promotion!

Weight lifting beats aging. If you build solid bones and muscles by lifting weights, you’re far more likely to avoid the effects of osteoporosis and many of the weakening effects of aging as well.

Your skin looks better. Sure you sweat when you work out, but sweat is actually a good thing. Sweat pushes out oils and imperfections from your skin and then you wash it all away with an oil-free cleanser after your exercise. You’ll have less acne, clearer skin and look your absolute best.

Exercise creates additional energy. If you work out every day or a lot of days, you’re far less likely to experience the general slump of fatigue that comes on in the afternoons. You’ll wake up with more energy and stay that way thanks to your exercise regime.

Exercise makes better sleep patterns. Exercise does funny things to your sleep patterns. You fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply after exercising three to five times per week. You also train your body to breathe more regularly while you rest.