Should You Have Surgery for Weight Loss?

Those five extra pounds can be hugely frustrating and if that’s all you’re dealing with – five pounds – than you’re in luck. You can lose five pounds with a bit of plastic surgery. But can you use liposuction to lose ten, fifteen or twenty pounds? Not at all, sadly.

Plastic surgery is designed to work with the body you have and then to fine-tune it. If you want to use surgery to help you lose weight, you’ll need to consider procedures like the LAP-Band or Bypass surgery, although that’s a bit extreme if you’re looking to lose twenty pounds. While we might nope that something like liposuction can simply suck the fat right out of those tricky areas, the truth is that liposuction simply removes fat cells in a concentrated area.

Since fat weighs far less than muscle, removing a tube full of fat from your inner thighs, for example, isn’t going to make the scale change much. It will, however, make the numbers on your clothing change. Removing five pounds of fat from particular areas of your body can change your dress size substantially. When you exercise to lose weight, you lose it all over your body. You can lose five pounds and not see a measurable difference in your waistband, for example.

But suck out five pounds of fat from your midsection and you’ll drop inches instantly from just that area. You might need new clothes immediately after the swelling from surgery goes down and if you’ve had stubborn areas of fat to work with, you can eliminate them and change your body shape. Who know? Maybe losing the first five pounds will inspire you to lose a few more on your own!