Quick and Easy Summer Workout

Looking for the kind of summer workout that fits your busy schedule? Why not skip the gym and do a full round of exercise before you even get dressed for work every morning?

Warm-up – High Knees

Take a good march in place as a way to warm-up for the day. Lift your right knee up to your hip level and then put it down quickly again. Lift your left and repeat. You should do twenty steps in place, rest for a second and then do another twenty to get the blood moving.

Exercise 1 – Fast Feet

Put yourself in a squat position and raise your arms up like you’re going to fend off an attack. Then pick up your right foot about two inches. Put it down. Pick up the left foot slightly. Put it down. Repeat twenty times, rest and repeat again.

Exercise 2 – Hip Lift

Put your feet on the side of the bed or on a chair. Scoot your bottom closer so that it’s right under your knees and your legs are bent at a 90 degree angle. Then, with your arms flat on the ground beside you, left your hips up so that your belly is in a flat plank. Lower yourself and then repeat twenty times. Rest. Repeat again.

Exercise 3 – Push Ups with Taps

Get in position for a good push-up. Try to do a real pushup – not the “girly” kind on your knees. Lower yourself to the ground and then raise yourself back up. When your arms are straight, hold yourself on one hand and tap your opposite shoulder with the other hand. (Right hand touches left shoulder.) Repeat, alternating the hands that tap the shoulder as you go. Repeat twenty times.