Perfect Holiday Fashion

The holidays often require dressing up, and seeking out new wardrobe options is always fun, but how do you find Christmas pieces you can use the rest of the season? The answer is simple – plan carefully and take advantage of accessories.

Nothing is more elegant than a pencil skirt and sweater set. If you’re going to get a red sweater set, consider finding one that is solid without any pattern. A solid red sweater can be worn with that black skirt, black pants and jeans multiple times over the season and then well into the spring and again in the fall. The sweater set with the adorable embroidery or fur trim is very limiting – it only looks good in about one month of the years.

Sharp black pants and amazing black boots are outrageous wardrobe items virtually all year long, especially if you have a variety of shirts and tops that can be paired with them. Throw on your standard pants and boots and then shrug into a holiday sweater for a family dinner. Or shun the sweater for a sexy top for the evening out. Throw on a leather jacket and you can go from work to cocktails to the club in style with only a quick change in the bathroom or cab.

Finally, use the items you already have in your closet to create holiday outfits. Already have a white sweater? Pair it with your favorite jeans and then grab a fun scarf or a holiday pin. A light scarf will keep you warm and if you pick the right pattern and colors you’ll be showing off your holiday spirit without any effort at all, and a minimal impact on your budget as well.