One Easy Way to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Who doesn’t love big doe-eyes peeking out from under your bangs? Of course, making your eyes look bigger than they actually are isn’t hard if you know some easy make up tricks. One in particular is an easy way to make your eyes not only look larger, but it will make you appear more awake and engaged as well.

Buy Eyeliner

To make this particular beauty trick work, you’re going to need some white or light eyeliner. Skip the dark stuff this time and browse through the beauty store or your own stash to find an eyeliner pencil that is nude, neutral or very close to white. The ultimate goal is to have a pencil that is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone right by your eyes.

Apply Your Eye Makeup

Apply your eye shadow and mascara as you normally would. Be sure to leave your bottom eyelid alone, however- no mascara on the bottom lashes and no sweeps of dark eyeliner on the bottom lid either. Dark under your eyes can pull them down visually. In fact, you shouldn’t be using dark eye make up at all if you’re trying to look more awake and bright eyed.

Apply Light Eyeliner

With your top eyelid finished it’s time to start on the bottom eye. Use the light eyeliner to draw a very careful line right through your eyelashes. The bright light should be as close as you can get to your eye. Keep the light eyeliner centered between the lashes – don’t extend it past the end of your lashes on either side.

Do a tiny bit of blending if you’d like, but that light shade right under your eye makes your eyes pop and brings a bit more life to your face. It’s handy trick to try when you’re heading out after a long day in the office, especially.