One Big Reason to Find a Big Boyfriend

News flash! Larger men are apparently better in bed! Well, more specifically, the International Journal of Impotence Research recently discovered that overweight men have considerably more staying power than their slimmer counterparts. And who can argue with that?

Apparently, according to this recent study, overweight men are far less prone to premature ejaculation. They also have a higher level of estradiol, which happens to be a female hormone that delays climax, which makes things take a bit longer in the bedroom. When it’s all tallied up, overweight men apparently last an average of 7.3 minutes in the bedroom once the real sex begins.

Thin men, on the other hand, including those who are simply at a healthy weight, climax after 103 seconds on average. That’s slightly more than a minute and a half. The overweight men have that beat more than five times – which makes four extra minutes for women to enjoy and respond to as well.

Granted, there are some health concerns for overweight individuals, with any number of medical conditions developing as a result of the extra weight. But if you’re looking for a guy with a hot body, consider passing him by and opting for one with hot staying power instead.

And for the larger girls out there, studies have recently show (as if they really needed to) that a rather large sampling of men actually prefer women’s figure that are large enough to be considered obese – the hips, curves and extra flesh is considered hugely attractive to a majority of men recently surveyed in a study outlined in the Journal of Sex Research.

Of course, history has shown this to be the case as well – hips and curves of a mature female body have been attractive for millennia. But it’s nice to have a survey to back that up for us.