News Alert! We’re Losing Our Favorite Chocolate Bars!

There are many times in life that we just need a bit of chocolate. Or a lot of chocolate. Unfortunately, Mars, the company responsible for delicious treats like Snickers and M&Ms are going to take away some of our chocolate choices. The company announced on February 15, 2012 that they will stop making candy bars or candy packets with more than 250 calories by the end of the year. So long full-size Snickers bar. Adios big bag of M&Ms!

If you want to delve into some serious chocolate, this is the time – there’s no telling how quickly the chocolate company will modify their portion sizes. Quite frankly, this isn’t really a bad thing for us – being able to eat a candy bar and know we’re getting less than 250 calories when we do isn’t the end of the world, but it is sad to think that some of the old PMS favorites may be disappearing on us.

According to Mars, this proportioning of candy is one step in the company’s efforts to improve the nutritional value of its products as well as to sell them in a responsible way. Already Mars has stopped buying advertising space where more than a quarter of the audience may be under the age of twelve.

If the loss of chocolate isn’t enough, the candy maker will also be cutting sodium in all of its products by 25 percent by 2015. Healthier choices may be good, but we’ll certainly miss the real joy of a big, delicious bar of chocolate when they are gone!