Naughty Bedroom Tricks to Try This Weekend

Looking for a bit of extra romance this weekend? Try these quick tricks to liven things up in the bedroom (and beyond!)

Leave your underwear on. Remember during the dating stages when you had some limits on how far you’d go on which date? Pull that old handbook back up and play around as much as possible without removing the panties. That way, when they do come off – it’s going to be a lot exciting!

Try Missionary 2.0. The boring missionary position isn’t very exciting in the grand scheme of things and is actually the least likely position to make you orgasm. Try a new version of the old stand-by by having your man move up a couple of inches until his pelvic bone is on top of yours. This way, his penis is in contact with your clitoris, which definitely boosts the likelihood of an orgasm.

Breathe through your nose. If you’re having trouble reaching a climax, you might need more oxygen. Take quick breaths through your nose while leaving your mouth closed. Keep it up for about two minutes and you’ll find you’re more aroused and your sexual energy is boosted way up. It’s amazing what a little fast oxygen can do.

Tease him throughout the day. Nothing draws out sexual tension better than small treats throughout the day. Start the day with a quick make out session in the shower. Then hop out and get dressed in your sexiest underwear – in his view, of course. He’ll know you’re wearing them all day long. Make it a point to brush against him during the day. Place your hand in his lap – on the inside of his thigh – and let it linger for a bit. By the time evening rolls around, he’ll be putty in your creative hands.