Make Yourself Look Younger Right Now

Nobody likes to feel like she is getting old, so why give in gracefully? Make yourself feel and look younger right now with some simple tricks.

  • Use bronzer as blush. Use a wide brush to dust on the bronzing powder over your cheekbones. A quick swipe of pink blush over that makes your face appear truly dazzling.
  • Use highlighter to open your eyes. A dab of highlighter in the corners of your eyes makes them pop open again and look far less tired than they may feel at the moment.
  • Smile more often. The more you smile, the happier you appear, and happy faces look like young faces – so smile more often!
  • Use blotting sheets. Rather than spreading more powder over your shiny face after lunch, use blotting sheets to pick up the oil and avoid getting powder into the lines of your faces that can make you appear older.
  • Use a good moisturizer. A rich moisturizer will help to eliminate fine lines almost immediately.
  • Put on a lighter lip color. Swap out the dark reds and pinks and opt for a blushy peach shade instead. A light lip color with a dab of lip gloss makes your lips young, fresh and pretty.
  • Create a messy hairstyle. Grown-ups have perfectly coiffed hair. Young women have messy ‘dos. Make an artfully arranged sloppy part in your tousled hair. It should take less than a minute and feel liberating.
  • Tan your legs. Sticking your legs in the sun may be fun, but it can be damaging. Instead, use a bit of bronzer or self tanner to spray your legs tan. The tan covers cellulite and spider veins as well.