Make Your Job Healthier … and Happier!

Sitting in a cube for eight hours or more per day can be harmful, not just for your peace of mind, but for your body and spirit as well. Fortunately, you can make your job a bit healthier and yourself a bit happier as well with some small changes.

 Eat Lunch Outside

Start your new routine by taking your lunch outside. Sit on a bench in the sunshine if it’s not too hot for ten minutes while you eat. Or make it a point to sit on the patio at every restaurant at your area to at least breathe some fresh air. Being outside can help to build up your immune system and also reduce your stress levels substantially.

 Drink More Coffee

Coffee has a physical and psychological reaction as well. Physically it can perk you up and get you ready for the workday both in the morning and in the afternoon. But even smelling coffee – the decaffeinated kind is fine – can perk you up and make you feel more stimulated and productive throughout the day.

 Walk Around

Set yourself an alarm at your desk to remind you to hop up from your desk every hour or so. The more you walk around at work, the more you’ll be warding off the potential hazards of too much desk sitting. Stand at your desk when possible and get up and take a tour of the floor to see what’s happening and stretch your legs.

 Leave On Time

Working too long can be hard on your health. If you’re working late every night, make it a point to leave early sometimes at least to help break down the routine and give your body and mind a chance to rest properly. Consider stopping by Happy Hour to decompress and share some good times with friends and co workers as well.