Make a Positive Impression on Your Guy’s Sister

If you’re meeting your man’s sister for the first time, you’ll want to pull out all the stops and make a good impression. After all, she’s likely reporting back to his parents and this is a critical time to impress everyone with everything about you.

Be True to You

You want to impress his sister, but you don’t want to create a character you aren’t. Be yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. Be genuine and authentic, but you don’t need to rub your awesomeness in her face, either. Think of this as meeting a new friend – work hard at being friendly, not being liked.

Ask About Her

She’s interested in you, but she’s more interested in getting to know you. Ask about her and her interests. Then, listen to what she’s saying and look for opportunities to build up real connections and similarities where the two of you can get along easily and share opinions.

Dress Carefully

This is a fine line to walk. Dress in something over the top and you look like you’re trying too hard. Dress in something too conservative and you look like you’re applying for a job, or worse – you’re stuck up. Dress in something too tight or low cut and suddenly you’re a bit tarty for her brother. Dress like you’re meeting her parents at the local grill or pub and you’ll be alright – comfortable and stylish. A perfect mix.


You may have the inclination to touch and kiss on your man, but this is a great time to show how respectful you are of her. Making out with her brother is going to gross her out – so don’t. Hold his hand, lean against him, but quit kissing – she’ll probably like you better for it.