Looking Your Best in a Maxi Dress

Thinking of joining the maxi dress trend? Or maybe you’re already wearing the ultra long dresses around town. The maxi dresses are great for creating a polished, chic look, and the right maxi dress can go a long way to making your look effortless and adorable as well.

Wear the Right Undergarments

A maxi dress requires the right underwear. You should own a convertible bra to allow you do all sorts of strange strap arranging as your dress requires and you should absolutely wear full panties under your dress. Wearing a thong makes it more likely that the dress will create an unattractive wedgie when you walk or stand up, but a full, if thin, panty or even shape wear will help give your maxi a seamless and polished look.

Wear Natural Shoes

A maxi dress is an easy look that reflects back on nature and a laid back attitude. Your shoe choice should be laid back as well. Find a dress that is just the right length for you to wear flats – you don’t want to be rocking anything higher than a fat wedge sandal with a maxi dress, but flats are always best. Natural leather is the best choice for your sandals as well.

Consider Layers

A maxi dress is a great way to layer your look. A long maxi dress looks great with a jean jacket or easy sweater. You can easily dress up your dress with a nicer sweater, for example, or make it more casual and summery by adding a tank underneath. The layering tank also gives you a bit more coverage if your maxi dress feels a bit bare or low cut.