Lindsay Lohan Is (Finally) Having a Good Year!

It’s easy to poke fun at little Lindsay Lohan – after all, how many celebrities have we watched brawl, crash cars and replace jagged teeth chipped by who-knows-what pipe? But after so many years of struggle with substance abuse and parked cars, Lindsay is finally climbing out of her self-induced drama and coming back into her own again.

So far this year:

Lindsay got new teeth! At a red carpet event earlier this year, Lindsay looked great until she smiled. Then, all of the hard living she’s done lately showed up in a big way. Her tiny teeth were chipped, stained and yellowed. It was all over the celebrity airwaves and no more than two weeks later, Lindsay was smiling again with a full set of shiny, brilliant veneers! (Let’s hope she’s able to keep them white.)

Lindsay was in Playboy! Normally this wouldn’t be a huge event, but Lindsay’s pictures were very publically leaked from the Playboy spread and she was an internet sensation again overnight. The pictures were splashed everywhere, but the very nude Lohan still managed to sell out the magazine in large cities all over the US. Not only were the pictures everywhere, but she looked great in them!

Lindsay is the new face of Jag Jeans! Her PR agent must be working overtime, because Lindsay is on to more fashion shoots as she debuts as the new face of Jag Jeans. Sultry in the ads already released, Lindsay appears to be on top of the world (and on top of a table.) It turns out the photographer for the Playboy pictures is the same photographer who shot the Jag Jeans ads, but everyone seems to be doing a great job and we, of course, say – keep it up!