Lauren Scruggs – Rehabilitation & Reconstructive Surgery

Fashion blogger and successful model Lauren Scruggs has recently been seen publicly for the first time since her traumatic accident at the beginning of last December.

After a short plane trip, and to the horror of the pilot and other passengers, the 23 year-old walked straight into the whirling propeller blades on the front of the plane after failing to realize the engine was still running. The 30-minute plane ride was a fun excursion to look at Christmas lights from the sky over Dallas.

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Lauren with her family

Lauren is just beginning to speak of the ordeal after five weeks of intense rehabilitation, thanking her supporters, “for so much love during this difficult incident in my life. My heart is so grateful beyond what I could ever imagine.”

There definitely has been an intensive adjustment period for Lauren, who lost her hand and eye in the accident. She had also suffered brain injuries and scaring to half her face.

Surprisingly enough, photos have surfaced of Lauren bravely shopping with her family. She hides her injuries with a baseball cap and a long sleeve. However, she seems healthy and in good spirits, thanks in part to fine reconstructive surgery.

The extent and details of her surgery are still unknown, but reconstructive plastic surgery was most likely applied to Lauren’s facial injuries post eye-surgery. This would not only correct the facial damage from the propeller, but also be used to prevent too much scarring. At this point, Lauren has not mentioned whether or not she will be undergoing hand surgery.

Reconstructive surgery is a form of plastic surgery that aims to restore function, fix abnormalities in appearance and/or correct structural problems. This could be anything from birth defects to trauma due to accidents, as is such the case with Lauren Scruggs. It can be applied to body parts or facial features.

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Lauren Scruggs

Some examples of reconstructive plastic surgery include rhinoplasty—if the nose surgery is for medical reasons, facial structural corrections such as a cleft lip, misaligned jaw and overly large ears (otoplasty). Some breast augmentation procedures are considered reconstructive. For instance, breast cancer patients post-mastectomy. Hip replacements and knee replacements also fall into the reconstructive plastic surgery category.

As always, finding a skilled and certified plastic surgeon requires research and education. The amount of time and ease expected of returning to a normal, functional life depends mainly on the extent of the procedure performed. Lauren Scruggs is well on her way to a happy, healthy and confident recovery.

According to her mother, Lauren has already been cooking, dressing and bathing herself, just six weeks after her ordeal.