Ladies Are No Longer Fueling the Workforce?

In a rather startling turn of events, researchers have discovered that our recent economic condition may be here to stay. It’s not because we’re exporting things or because we’re debating birth control pills. Instead, the economy may be entering an entirely new phase simply because women aren’t working enough.

Allow me to rephrase. The researchers determined that despite decades of growth in the number of women heading off to the workplace, that number isn’t growing anymore. It hasn’t grown since 1994- which included many of the boom years for the economy.

The two economists, James Stock and Mark Watson, are blaming some demographic trends for our current economic woes. One is the sheer number of Baby Boomers getting close to retirement and requiring support from the younger workers (of whom there are far less) and the other is the fact that the work force is no longer growing because women aren’t growing it.

The number of men in the workforce is quietly declining just a bit over the years, but the number of women has become a plateau as well. This is troubling for the economists because it’s happening in both black and white demographics and it’s been going on for quite some time.

Most of our economy, our Gross National Product and, of course, the various medical and retirement programs rely on a lot of new, younger workers coming in to support those who need it after they retire.

If women aren’t joining the ranks with any greater number than we have right now, who’s to say we’re not looking at a totally new sort of economy down the road? Maybe companies will lure women back with part-time or telecommuting positions.