It’s Time to Ditch Diet Soda

If Laura Schocker, health editor of Huff Post Women, thinks its important to kick a Diet Coke habit after more than two decades of living on the stuff, she’s probably on to something. After all, the research supports her position.

The American Diabetes Association found that diet soda is linked to a wider waistline. Information at the International Stroke Conference found that a diet soda per day is linked to a higher incident of stroke and heart attack. So maybe it’s time for all of to quit in order to preserve our future health.

But how do you stop drinking your favorite carbonated drinks? It’s not surprising to learn that there is also great speculation that diet sodas are linked to forms of addiction as well. At the very-least, they are certainly habit forming. But there are ways to break the habits – plan to break your habit in two to four weeks using the following techniques.

Substitute a new routine – If you have a diet coke with lunch every day, as Laura did, replace it with something else. If you like to swing by the drive-through and grab a large drink for a dollar, skip the soda and opt for unsweetened tea instead. A single packet of (real) sugar adds surprisingly few calories, but plenty of sweetness.

Replace the fizz – The bubbles in a diet drink make it deliciously satisfying to drink. Replace the carbonation with something else carbonated like seltzer water mixed with some fruit juice. And sip it, just like you would your soda.

Replace your caffeine – Soda’s addictive properties may be debatable, but caffeine is definitely something you’ll miss. Replace the caffeine with coffee, tea or another form of natural energy. Continue to skip the artificial sweeteners, of course, but chocolate’s natural caffeine does certainly come to mind!