Is Your Relationship Destroying Your Sleep Health?

Surely by now we all know that getting a good night’s sleep is essential to looking and feeling your best in the morning. And we all know that a good night’s sleep falls between seven and nine hours of shut-eye. But what if you’re doing everything right and you’re still waking up feeling tired and cranky? It could be the mattress, but most likely it’s your choice of sleep partner.

Sleep Types

While we like to think that romance is essential in all parts of our lives, the facts show that we are not compatible in all ways, despite our deep love for each other. When you’re first dating you stayed in bed together out of convenience – after all, you never knew when a romantic urge would strike. First blushes of love are enough to make his snoring or tooth grinding adorable, and he probably tolerated your attempts to snuggle up against him while he sprawled. But now that things are in a pattern, your sleep differences might be affecting your sleep health.

Incompatible Sleep Types

There are a few possibilities for couples that struggle with sleep differences. Fortunately they all have some sort of solution that will put you back to sleep and your relationship back on a healthy kick.

The Light Sleeper and Anyone

If you’re a light sleeper and he’s a cover hog, a snorer, a sprawler or a kicker, you can try a few different techniques like creating a wall of pillows or using ear plugs, but eventually you’ll probably just need to separate. Think of sexy boudoirs where you make love but then sleep separately. Having your own bed will allow you to sleep without interruption – and imagine his surprise when you wake him in romantic ways in his own bedroom. Sleeping separately isn’t a bad thing – it’s just a reasonably solution for a lot of people.

This may be an excellent suggestion for night owls and morning birds as well who tend to just pass each other in the night and disturb the other person’s sleep patterns. The bottom line is talk about what might make your sleep healthier and more fulfilling – if it means breaking a social norm about what is and isn’t romantic, do what works for you – not what works in a romance novel!