Is Your Hair Age Proof?

What could look better than long, sleek hair? We see it on celebrities of all ages, and that sleek, shiny hair seems to be a beacon of youth – it looks young and carefree and makes us feel that way, too.

The trouble is, all of that can be said for a mini skirt as well. The mini skirt is definitely a symbol of youth and wearing one might make us feel flirty and feminine, but how does it really make us look?

Keep reading with me here and see my analogy of mini skirt and hair…

Aging and Appearance
As we age, there is only so much control we have over the body. In the case of the mini skirt, it might still fit around our waist, but time does a number on the way our skin appears. There’s a reason miniskirts aren’t sold outside of the junior’s department. They may fit and make you feel good, but in the vast majority of cases, they look terrible and certainly aren’t doing you any favors.

There’s a fine line between looking youthful by following trends and patterns geared toward the younger, fashionable set and looking foolish. Picture a seventy-year-old woman in that mini skirt – you probably just cringed. Now picture her with long flowing hair dyed a golden blonde. Not looking much better. As women age, the idea of what is fashionable and looks good on them advances as well.

Long flowing hair looks great in a fashion magazine, but skip past the pages of fashion models in the magazines and you’ll find the editors – these women, the editors of fashion magazines, are arguably the most fashion conscious individuals in the world. Looking at their short, fashionable hairstyles is a good starting place for a cut of your own – short and chic or a medium length haircut is usually considered to be the most age proof look, for good reason!

Dragging Down Your Face
Long hair is associated with carefree youth. Pony tails, free falling curls and sleek hair that falls down your back is perfect for the crowd under thirty-five or so. As we age, our faces start to do a bit of a freefall. Wrinkles appear and you can see the effects of gravity in the lines around your mouth and the changes around your eyes. The long hair you’ve worn for years simply pulls down on your face by drawing the eye down. That hair is like a frame for aging.

Don’t believe it? Grab your hair and pull it up as if you just cut it to your chin. Once you get past the new look, really examine how different your face looks. Raising the length of your hair raises your face as well. Suddenly you’re not framed by a wall of hair, but showing off your cheekbones and jaw line, which makes you appear classier and more groomed in addition to younger.

Getting Your Best Hair
Your skin isn’t the only thing changing as you age. Hormones and age also affect your hair tone, color and condition. Grays appear first and then your hair will noticeably start thinning. There aren’t many women in their sixties, seventies or eighties who don’t notice substantially thinner hair. The short, chic cuts help to disguise this change by giving the appearance of fuller hair around your head. Shorter hair is also easier to condition and tone so that it has a healthier, glossy appearance overall.

You don’t have to lop all of your hair off and wear a pixie cut as your hair ages, but consult with your hairdresser about what styles might look best at your current age. Check out pictures of mature women in the fashion industry and truly listen to the advice of your stylist. Not only is the style and condition of your hair her specialty, but it’s in her best interest to make you look wonderful every time you sit down in her chair. And wonderful at forty or fifty will look very different than the style you’ve worn since your teen years.