Is He Cheating? How to Tell

Picture this: Your guy comes home and you just feel something is off. You can’t put your finger on it, but there’s a vibe there and you’ve felt it before. You have a gut feeling that the secret phone calls, the changed email passwords and the late nights are adding up to one thing – cheating. So you do what any suspecting, righteous woman would do – you accuse him.

“Are you cheating on me?”

The answer to this question is often very telling, and the more rationale and calm you are when you ask it, the better you’re able to judge his response. Avoid the fury (save it up for later), and make this is a time of observation and listening.


If your guy tells you he’s cheating, the problem is solved. He’s a cheater and you’re out of there. End of story, even if the ending sucks.

“You’re crazy!”

Sure, we can be emotional and thinking your man is cheating is an emotional time, but don’t fall for this classic. If a man is cheating, he’ll want you to doubt yourself, not him. So rather than ask why you think there’s something up, he’ll just call your sanity, emotions or hormones into question. And chances are you’re crazy if you stick around after that.

“What?! You must be cheating on me to think that way!”

If you’re not crazy, you’re obviously the bad guy (girl.) The best defense is a good offense and your guy is going to put his football training to work. You come after him and he’ll turn it back around on you. Obviously if you think he’s cheating, you have cheating on the brain. And that makes you the cheater! Drop him. Immediately.