How to Get the Body You’ve Always Wanted

Who doesn’t want a great body? We all know that the fundamentals for a great body include diet and exercise, but what happens when your diet and exercise aren’t having the desired effect?

Sadly, the fitness and fashion magazines won’t usually tell you, but there are some parts of your body that you’re just stuck with, even when you’re at your healthy weight level and a great place fitness-wise.

Fat on Your Body
When you gain weight, fat is added evenly to your body up to a point. This is why sit-ups won’t reduce the fat on your tummy – you have to exercise and lose weight all over your body before you can see the benefit those sit-ups are doing to the muscles underneath.

That’s not to say you don’t have an uneven distribution of fat around your body, most of us do. If you’re at or close to your healthiest weight, you can see pockets of fat that seem to be immune to diet and exercise. This is actually very common – there is hardly a woman in the world who doesn’t have just a bit of extra fat on her lower abdomen, on the inside or the outside of her thighs, around her waistline or under her neck.

This extra fat can’t usually be removed with diet and exercise, especially if you’ve been trying it for years. These fat cells are simply part of you and most of us learn to deal with them by disguising them with clever outfits or body contouring garments. But what if you didn’t have to disguise those tiny saddle bags or your little pouch anymore? What if it could be removed overnight?

This is the benefit of liposuction. It simply removes these resistant pockets of fat for complete body contouring.

What Is Liposuction?
We tend to think of liposuction as a way to suck out fat all over the body. It’s not a weight loss tool, however. Instead, think of liposuction as a specialized treatment for a particular part of your body. Think of the saddle bags, or pockets of fat on the outside of your thighs. You can be a marathon runner and still have these fatty spots – it’s just the way your body was built. Since you can’t trick Mother Nature into getting rid of that fat for you, liposuction can step in to help.

With liposuction, doctors will use long vacuum tubes called cannulas just under the skin to remove fat in very small areas. This lets them effectively suck away the fat cells just under your chin, around your ankles, in your upper arms, on your belly, around your waistline or on the thighs. Using slightly different techniques, liposuction does remove some fat resulting in a few pounds of weight lost, but most importantly, it actually defines the shape of the particular area.

By sucking out a few inches of fat on the outside of the thighs, for example, the saddle bags are completely gone and your legs are smooth – the way you’ve worked for using exercise. An added benefit to liposuction in a trouble area is that removing the fat makes it very unlikely that the problem area will redevelop. If you were to gain a few pounds of extra weight, they will first go to other areas around the body before revisiting the original problem area because there are fewer fat cells there now.

In the second part of this article we’ll dig a little deeper to reveal everything you want to know about liposuction as well as costs involved…