Horrible Holiday Hair!

‘Tis the season for parties and dressing up, but there are some things that make you look great and others that are just plain awkward. This holiday season, don’t let your hair style make you look decades older or socially inept. Great hair can easily make for a great party, after all.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Hair accessories are very much in and they are stunning when used correctly. But don’t go overboard. Hair accessories should be used one at a time. Your head doesn’t need to be bedecked like a tree, especially if you’re moving a great deal – you never want to risk losing your hair accessories.

Nix the Ringlets

Affectionately called “doo-doo curls” the tight ringlets that fall from updos of the 80s and 90s are not to be worn again – ever. Tight curls are out in both updos and in loose styles. If you’re going to do an updo, allow a few strands of hair to fall naturally from your bangs if you need some looseness around your face.

No Crunchy Hair

Once upon a time we scrunched and gelled our hair to the max, but now it’s time to throw out the gel and ditch the squeeze technique as well. Soft, smooth hair is the way to go, and you can get it by blowing out your mane of hair and perhaps using a shaping or smoothing spray to keep the unruly flyaway strands under control.

Use Extensions with Caution

It may be fun to do something wild with super long hair extensions, it’s not going to fool anyone. Hair extensions should appear natural and natural means a regular length. Skip the hair that sweeps your chair when you sit and when you do put in hair extensions, clip them just under the rounded back of the head to help them appear totally normal and natural.

Make Ponytails Shine

A ponytail can be glamorous if done correctly, but it can also look a bit high-school-cheerleader if done improperly. Pull your hair back into a ponytail only after getting a bit of body. Then, be sure your ponytail is being held behind your ears or lower – not on the top of your head or behind the eyes. Low, sleek and sexy is the way to go.

No Teasing

The girls on Jersey Shore make teasing look….good? But we’re not into the big pouf on your head this holiday season. Skip the teasing on the crown of your head and opt instead for adding body to all of your hair by backcombing the hair and then smoothing it into place. Teasing two inches of extra height on the top of your head just isn’t a good idea.

Skip Some Products

There are so many hair products available now it’s no wonder we wind up with product overload. One must-have product for your hair is the dry shampoo that helps to remove the build-up of products if you find you’ve gone over the top and you don’t have time to rinse it all out and start again. Better yet – find a few good products and stick with them. You don’t need tons anyhow.

No Headbands or Clips

It may be painful, but it’s time to ditch the clip or the trusty headband. If you’re going out, even casually, you need to get away from the handy hair clip you use every single day when you’re washing your face. Use bobby pins or the newer spin pins that hold hair in place without showing up in an awkward way on the back of your head.