Health Nuts Rejoice About…Nuts!

How dedicated are you to your health? Are you eating all the right things to get your antioxidants, fiber and protein? If so you’re probably already grabbing a handful of almonds or peanuts every now and again to boost your heart health, but let’s break away from the norms and try something new – more nuts!

Exotic Nuts

Walnuts, almonds and peanuts may be standard fare for us, but they are by no means the only nuts available if you’re looking to work more healthy fats into your body and enjoy a feeling of fullness and health. You don’t need to give up your favorites, but next time you’re in the store, try some Brazil nuts.

Brazil nuts contain 2,500 more selenium than any other nut, which helps delay the aging process and boost mood and mental performance. In addition to Brazil nuts, consider hazelnuts. This popular coffee flavor is even better as the full-bodied nut. Hazelnuts have 91 percent mono-saturated fat (the good kind) and less than 4 percent of the bad kind, saturated fat. Healthy hearts means happier women, of course!

Finally, macadamia nuts might already be a favorite of yours, especially if you like the white nuts cooked into your favorite chocolate or sugar cookies. Macadamia nuts are very high in antioxidants which help to slow the aging process and beat back health concerns. Because macadamias are rich in fat and calories, they should be used sparingly – perhaps in your dessert cookies!

Enjoying Nuts

There are many ways to work nuts into your healthy diet. They are excellent by the small handful, which constitutes a single serving. They nuts are also easy to chop and sprinkle over salads, yogurt and even pasta. Nuts are considered one of nature’s natural weight loss foods as well as the nuts provide a great deal of fiber and help you feel full after just a few bites. A quick handful of nuts can keep you far from the other, unhealthy snacks as well.