Guys Love/Hate Your Hair

Guys love a woman’s hair. They like the way it smells and they like the feminine way it makes you look. But what do they think of your favorite hair trinkets and styles? You might be surprised…

Hair accessories. In general, guys are into hair accessories. They like the way you’re confident enough to wear something unusual and fun in your hair.

Punk styles. Guys are reasonably forgiving of strange hairstyles, but in general they don’t get too excited by things like the female mullet, Mohawks, spikes or lopsided hairstyles with portions of your head shaved. It’s just too out there for them, poor guys.

Hair feathers and extensions. Working in something fun like feather extensions or a bit of brightly colored hair to dress things up is considered great fun and even flirty – just be sure that you’re not going over the top or “trying too hard.” One neat highlight is good. Two or three may be pushing it.

Long hair. Guys really like long hair. It’s very soft and feminine if it’s treated well and presentable. Just be sure that your hair isn’t too long – then it looks like a hassle.

Short hair. Short hair is okay, too. No fuss, no muss – you’re a girl who can rock a pixie in just a few minutes per day, and guys appreciate the no frills look and functionality.

Natural hair. While funky add-ons and bright colors may be fun, having your hair in its natural state can be fun for guys, too. Let it curl, let it wave, let it lay flat or go ahead and let it explode around your head in burst of fun confidence.

Messy updos. We like them because they look so artistic and carefree. Guys just think they look carefree. If you’re going to wear your hair up, be sure that you create a sleek look instead of a sloppy one.