Great Celebrity Plastic Surgery

There might be a lot out there about bad celebrity surgeries and the toll that the surgery takes on the stars we love and love to hate, but there are plenty of stars out there who have opted for cosmetic surgery and look absolutely amazing after the procedure.

Heidi Klum

Heidi has done nothing to alter her face – that we can tell – but she has opted to have her breasts augmented. Her naturally tiny frame had small breasts, but she used reasonably sized implants to perk them up to a size that we can all definitely appreciate. Lush, but naturally realistic – Heidi has the perfect breasts.


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer may be denying that she’s had any serious surgery, but we can tell that her nose has had a bit of refinement over the years. That’s in addition to the Botox treatments she’s already admitted to. With her thinner, more defined nose, Jennifer is prettier than ever and looks exactly like the girl next door.


Ashlee Simpson

A pretty girl, Ashlee is even prettier now that she’s opted to have a bit of work done on her nose. Ashlee’s nose was prominent growing up and in the early stages of her career. After her nose job, her face is more balanced and her beauty is much more evident. In fact, Ashlee’s nose is one of the most popular requests by patients seeking nose procedures and rhinoplasty!


Ellen Degeneres

You wouldn’t expect to find a mature woman on the list, but Ellen is the perfect example of the good things a face lift can do. Ellen’s face lift and her eyelift showcase her sharp features and make it easier to see how well an update surgery like a face lift can turn out.