Good News! Talking To Yourself Makes You Crazy…Smart!

New research is out there that comforts most of us who have been talking to ourselves for years. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin recently showed a relationships between talking outloud to yourself and the amount of information you retained.

That means that if you’ve been caught arguing with yourself, talking your way through something or arguing a point only to realize that there are holes in your fight, you’re not only not alone, but you’re getting smarter in the process.  So in the spirit of the research, here are a few tips to use your voice to your best advantage.
Talk to your kids. This has twice the benefits. When you talk to your kids, especially babies, you’re not only introducing them to new vocabulary and ideas, you’re also giving yourself more to think about. Babies thrive on adult interaction and speech, so narrate your thoughts as you drive, as you shop and as you clean up the house.

Make lists out loud. If you’re going to try and remember things, why not say them outloud so that your brain has more to go on? “Milk, eggs, butter, paper towels” You can make your grocery list a mantra to repeat while you’re taking a shower or getting dressed. Pets especially love it when you tell them your list of things to do that day.

Argue out loud. Just hearing yourself say things can make you more understanding of other people’s positions. If you’re angry, go hop in the shower or on your bike where other people aren’t around and talk it out with yourself. You might avoid shouting insults at yourself as this makes others around you a bit nervous. Talking out your problems makes you calmer in the long run, and making this a habit helps you be more understanding as well.