Fun, Funky, Fashionable Nails

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a good manicure. And what better way to enjoy a good mani than to spice things up a bit? The next time you’re thinking about adding a bit of color to your nails, opt for something trendy and fun – you can always chance your color a week later!

Nails that Pop

Highlight just one or two of your nails by painting eight of your nails in a buff, or natural color. The goal is to make them blend into your skin tone. Then, paint the other two bright or bold colors to really make them stand out.

Paint on a Ring

Add a bit of bling to just your one highlighted nail by painting on a metallic stripe that resembles the band of a ring. Then, glue on a pretty little jewel to the center of the band – presto – you have a nail ring!

Paint on Bright Hues

Be bold and have fun with bright colors. Paint your nails aqua or coral or hot pink. There’s really no color that is too bright or sassy for summer, so pick something that makes you smile and enjoy it!

Match Your Outfit

If you’re wearing a bright shirt, paint your nails to match it almost exactly. If your sundress has bold stripes, paint your nails with both of the colors – alternate or just feature one or two of the opposing color to create a fun summer nail scheme.

Go Clear

Clear press on nails are very “in” right now, so check them out. You can wear your clear acrylic nails over a bright under shade for a while. Then, when you’re over the clear nails, paint them up and enjoy long, bright nails for a few more weeks.