Free Time? What Free Time?

A recent study by Families and Work Institute revealed some interesting things about women and the amount of free time we have in our lives. The most obvious point, of course, is that we never have enough free time. At least 50 percent of the women involved in the study felt that there was never enough free time in the day. But there were some other interesting tidbits to pick up on as well.

Women Use Free Time for Chores

Sadly, even when we do have time that we can dedicate to relaxing or enjoyment, we still tend to fill it up with chores like laundry as 79 percent of the women claimed or cleaning as another 75 percent claimed. If only 11 percent of the women enjoyed doing laundry (where did they find these women?) why are we cleaning and laundering during our free time?

Women Feel the House is Their Responsibility

32 percent of women owned up to the fact that they still feel responsible for the chores in the house. They feel as though their job isn’t “done” until all of the house chores are completed. While a minority actually admitted to feeling this way, it does make you wonder how many of us just aren’t ‘fessing up to that silent pressure to pull out the vacuum or fold the towels before bedtime.

Women Must Finish Chores before Relaxing

More than half of the women in the study insist that they must finish all of their chores before they are able to relax. Since housework is never actually finished, this may account for why we’re so bad about taking time for us and why we spend our sultry Saturday night romancing the bottle of fabric softener instead of our partners or even a blanket and a glass of wine.