Erasing Smoker’s Lines

When it comes to aging, nobody wants to admit to their age – you always want to look your best. But sometimes, things don’t go your way and you start to show signs of aging before your time. One of the most common signs on your face are the lines that connect the corners of your nose to your top of your mouth – smoker’s lines.

Smoker’s lines are caused by a few things. Aging, sun exposure and the chemicals in smoke all work to help this particular part of the face age faster. You’ll find that the lines also seem to fall directly into the patterns your mouth makes when you pucker up as if you were going to smoke a cigarette. It’s unfortunate when bad habits catch up with us, but this is one you can control, at least, thanks to some newer elements of technology.

To fix the smoker’s lines, you’ll need to replace some of the volume that has disappeared over time. You can do this cosmetically by using a filer to inject in and around the lines. These injections add volume to the crevices and help to plump up the lips and fill the voids. The end result is a smooth upper lip and smooth, full skin above the lip. The lines are truly filled, at least for a time.

If you’re looking for a more natural solution to the lines around your mouth, you don’t have to opt for fillers. You can use some of your very own filling solution – body fat. Fat transfers are simple enough – take fat from one part of the body and use it to fill in the deep lines around your mouth. The transfer is usually very successful although it might have a longer sell of down time.

For an extreme fix, consider a bit of Botox for your upper lip. Small injections will help to relax and muscles and smooth the lines on the lip. An added bonus? You can’t purse your lips, so you’ll likely quit smoking as well.