Easy Ways to Stick to Your Healthy Eating Plan (Or Diet!)

Diets may not be in vogue at the moment – we’re all supposed to be undergoing some lifestyle changes instead – but a diet is a diet. Eating right can be tricky, but fortunately there are ways to make it much easier to eat well and improve your health and waistline.

Schedule a Cheat Day

One day per week should by your free day to eat what you like without guilt or remorse. You shouldn’t feel guilty to have a bit bowl of ice cream and cookie on Sunday evening because you’ve earned it by then by being good every other day of the week. The trick is making sure you wait and only do one cheat day per week.

Buy Food Online

You don’t have to order the frozen diet meals to avoid the temptation of the grocery store. Instead, use one of the many online grocery retailers like PeaPod or AmazonFresh to have food delivered. That way you can order just what you need and keep only healthy items around without having to stress about impulse buys and junk food sneaking into your cart.

Skip Flavored Water, but Drink Plenty of the Real Stuff

Buy ten bottles of water and fill them up every night. Then drink one every hour on the hour so that you’re sure you’re getting all of the water you need to maintain your optimum health and digestion. Plain water is the good water – a squirt of lemon can be fine, too. Skip, however, the flavored waters. They are flavored with chemicals and sugar.

Take a Power Nap

When you start to slump in the afternoon, indulge yourself in a bit of shut-eye. Close the office door, set your phone alarm and just close your eyes for about fifteen minutes there in your chair. If you’re at home, go ahead and stretch out on the couch or bed for fifteen or twenty minutes. You’ll wake up with your mind clear, your body rejuvenated and you’ll be able to avoid the grazing and snacking that so often comes from boredom and fatigue late in the day.