Easy Ways to (Really) Stay Slim Without Breaking a Sweat

Who wouldn’t want to be naturally thin? Why do so many women seem to ignore all diets and exercise plans and still look like they’ve never battled that last five pounds? Perhaps it’s their lifestyle choices…

Eat What You Want

It’s not the food that makes you gain weight – it’s how much you eat of it. So the best plan is to simply eat what you want in moderation. It’s obviously better to eat a pound of carrots than ice cream, but a cup of ice cream isn’t going to do much damage in the grand scheme of things.

Stop Eating Before You’re Full

Often we eat until we just can’t eat any more. This actually stretches out the stomach and makes it more likely that we’ll overeat in the future as well. Eat slowly and chew carefully so that you can determine when you no longer feel hungry – it’s a different feeling than the bloated “full” feeling we normally are looking for.

Always Stick to Small

No matter what you’re choosing, always order a small. Thirsty? Have a small coffee drink. Hungry? A small fry will probably satisfy your craving. From meals to ice cream cones, the smaller size should become a habit – it’s one you’ll be able to enjoy much more frequently as well.

Limit Your Portions

If you’re not good at counting out just a few pieces of candy, buy the packs that are already in portions for you. A big sale at Halloween can fill up your freezer for the year – just eat one small serving when you need a sweet, never grab a handful of anything if you know you probably can’t stop with just a few pieces.