Do You Need Liposuction?

Any woman carrying a few extra pounds dreams of simply whisking the fat away and don’t having to sweat through the process or starve yourself. There is a reason, after all, why liposuction is the most popular cosmetic procedure – it can be done quickly and offers striking results. However, if you’re dreaming of liposuction as the solution to your five or ten pounds of stubborn fat, your dream needs to be altered just a bit. Liposuction isn’t designed or safe for overall weight loss. Instead, it’s a means of reducing fat in a particular area.

Weight Gain and Loss
For all of us, the number on the scale is constantly adjusting. Some days it goes up a bit, others it drops down. The body is constantly adjusting the amount of fluids and fat stored in the body, so it’s rare that you’d see exactly the same number two days in a row. If you were to adjust your diet so that you’re losing weight or gaining weight, you’ll see a steady change on the scale and a steady adjustment on your body as well.

If, for example, you started eating a few extra treats at work, the number on the scale might start creeping up. It only takes a few extra calories per day to gain weight, after all. As the number creeps up, your body fat is growing as well. If you scrutinize yourself in the mirror, you’ll notice, however, that the weight you’re gaining is all over your body – not in a particular area. Weight gain and loss is evenly distributed. This makes it hard to suck the extra fat away through liposuction – you can’t get every inch of your body, after all.

Using Liposuction
So if liposuction isn’t for losing weight, what is it for? In short, liposuction removes stubborn fat. You go on a diet and you lose twenty pounds. You look great, but every morning when you stare in the mirror you can’t believe you still have saddle bags on the sides of your thighs. Or it bothers you to no end that you still have a tummy pouch at your healthy weight level. Perhaps you have extra fat just under your chin or in your upper arms and you’ve done everything you can to remove it to no avail.

That’s when liposuction makes sense. Liposuction is a form of fat removal for body sculpting, not weight loss. If you have a pouch on your lower tummy, you are at or near a healthy body weight and you’ve maintained that weight for some time, you’re a great candidate for liposuction. Likewise you’re a great candidate if you have pockets of fat elsewhere on your body. The various forms of liposuction will simply remove those pockets of fat leaving your body with new contours that exercise and diet simply couldn’t create. You may only lose two pounds of fat and fluids, but the targeted changes are often dramatic in terms of your appearance.