Do You Need a Body Wrap?

If your resolutions called for some weight loss, perhaps you need to lose some inches right away to get in the proper mindset. After all, the best motivation for weight loss is to feel like you’re making progress and a body wrap is just the thing to do it. Of course, you’ll be following a long tradition of weight loss through body wraps, but if it’s good enough for the rich and famous, it’s good enough for the rest of us.

Why Body Wraps?

A body wrap is said to be the fastest way to lose up to ten inches in less than hour, and these procedures are favorites for women heading to major events or to a photography session. There is certainly not a rule saying we can’t use a body wrap as a way to jump start your new healthy lifestyle, but there is one major drawback – the results of a body wrap are temporary and the results do vary quite a bit from one person to another and from one type of wrap to another.

How Body Wraps Work

A tightening body wrap is designed to firm up your skin and purge a bit of water weight. The results are a tighter firmer body with smooth, healthy looking skin. The tightening effect can last up to two days in general, but that may be just enough to get you moving again on a stalled diet.

When you get a wrap, you’ll be treated to spa like settings complete with massage, warm scrubs and a warming procedure. Many patients seek body wraps simply for relaxation and a bit of pampering. Even if you lose only an inch or two in water weight following the procedure, you’ll still feel great – calm, indulged and you’ll likely have the smoother, softer skin than you thought possible. Some wraps offer detoxing properties as well where they purge the skin of various toxins – another added benefit for the treatment.