Do I Need Plastic Surgery?

How do you know if you need plastic surgery? According to some nobody needs any form of cosmetic surgery, but then others of us are very open to a nip or tuck if it makes sense and helps us enjoy life as it comes along. But how do you know if you’re a good candidate? Short of consulting with a doctor, which you should always do, of course, you’ll want to meet a few basic criteria.

Are you healthy? If you have an ongoing medical condition that requires certain medications and the surveillance of a doctor, you might not be an ideal candidate for plastic surgery.

Do you take care of yourself? Plastic surgery can help you lose inches or redefine your curves, but it doesn’t substitute for healthy foods and regular exercise. If you’re sitting on the couch and thinking that liposuction will solve that last ten pounds for you without a leaf of lettuce or even a pair of walking shoe is in sight, you’re probably not an idea candidate. Take care of yourself before you even consider a surgery to improve your self-image.

Do you know what you want? Walking into a doctor’s office and declaring yourself an open book isn’t very confidence building for you or the doctor. If you’re going to seek out cosmetic surgery you should probably already have a particular procedure in mind or at least a problem area you’d like to target. That will lead the necessary discussion with your doctor.
Are you a reasonable weight? In many cases doctors won’t work on you if you’re in a constant flux of weight loss and gain. If you want a tummy tuck, for example, you’ll need to be at a healthy weight or very close to it for the operation. The doctor will also ask you to hold that weight steady for six months before surgery in many cases to ensure your safety and the success of the procedure.