Defining True Love

There are so many different feelings that come into a relationship. We have luv, lust, romance, like, hate, warmth, compassion and then true love. So how do you know which one of the feelings is most prominent in your own relationship? The easiest, and perhaps most important distinction is to determine if what you have is true love. How do you know? Simple:

He’s Seen You Cry

If you’re comfortable crying in front of your guy and you trust that he’ll try and make you feel better and soothe away the tears, you might be on to something special. Relationships that don’t have a soul-level commitment don’t usually involve tricky emotions, and crying is definitely a sign of tricky emotions.

You’ve Survived Anger

If a relationship isn’t very serious in the long term, getting angry usually means getting over it. You break things off when you’re mad. But true love means you’ve been angry, you’ve stopped being angry and you’ve made up easily enough. That doesn’t mean you don’t have bad thoughts, but the thought of being apart was worse than the anger you were feeling at the time.

You Look Like a Slob

There’s something very special about hanging out together with your guy and letting him see you in your most natural state. You know you’re close to something very special when he’s seen you with funky hair, funky breath and in the ratty pajama pants you used to only wear around your kitty.

There’s No Jealousy

True love is a confident love and there’s not a possessive, distrusting nature to it. This means that a good relationship is one where you can hang out with your work friends and not worry about getting interrogated when you get home – and you don’t ever feel the need to check his text messages for cheating.