Define Your True Style

Every woman wants a style that showcases her best feature and makes her proud to show off her best assets. But often we struggle to create the style that really suits us. Follow these style rules to make a style you’re comfortable with and look great wearing.

 Stay true to yourself. Some girls love dresses. Others love pants. Some love casual and others love bling. You can’t change what you love just because a celebrity is wearing something new. Stay true to what you like to wear and then build out from that level of comfort and style.

Love it or leave it. Don’t buy just because you feel like buying something. Every piece you pick out should be a mini love affair. Love the way the clothing looks on your body and love how it feels to wear it. If you don’t love it – leave it and find something you do love instead.

Fit to flatter. Skinny jeans and jeggings just aren’t right for a lot of us. It’s okay to skip a trend if it’s not something that is flattering on your body. Fit to flatter first and then add some additional trendy element that aren’t going to throw your proportions or glamour off.

Be weary of sale items. Don’t get sucked into something because it’s a good deal. Nothing is a good deal if you don’t wear it and you hate the way it looks once you have it on. Buy fit and comfort – not bargains.

Take the scientific approach. In science, you try new patterns and methods until you find success. Consider your new wardrobe a science experience. Keep mixing and matching and trying new things until you find a style that you’re truly comfortable with and that looks great. Then you’ll have found style success!